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How it works

  • 1. Submit a commission request and upload an image.
  • 2. We will review your request and email you an estimate.
  • 3. Once approved, we'll create a custom work of art based on your specifications.


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Browse original artwork in the gallery. Custom requests and portraits are open!


In a few easy steps, upload your photograph or visual inspiration and I will create a custom piece for you.


Free shipping with your first purchase!


Artwork is created with oil paint, acrylic paint, chalk pastels, charcoal, and ink.


Ask me about framing and I'll be happy to help! Standard sizes for custom artwork is recommended.


Start by uploading a photo & answering a few questions about your piece for a free estimate, or browse the gallery!

Bails Art artist, Brittany Bailey, drawing a portrait of a dog

Get A Free Estimate

To get started, complete a short questionnaire. You’ll have the opportunity to describe specific color inspirations, provide a detailed description of your desired artwork and upload an image if needed. Then, I’ll send you a free estimate!

Latest Gallery Pieces

They love it and we love it!

"Brittany created this beautiful piece of Miles, Hazel, and Sylvia for my parents for Christmas! They love it and we love it!"


She Absolutely LOVED it!

"... she absolutely LOVED it! She was amazed by the detail (as was I). You do good work... Thank you SO SO SO much for doing this for me. It will be cherished forever. Thank you!"


Beautiful Work

"... his mom is not sentimental at all, she just cried and cried and of course Karyn could barely speak. They were absolutely blown away. Thanks so much Brit, it just caught him at his best."



"I literally teared up!"