The Artist

Brittany Bailey
Visual Artist

Living in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a desire to create art that is special to the people that see it, experience it and hang the artwork on their walls.


Brittany hand draws and paints portraits of people’s loved ones, pets and special places using eye hand coordination. The original artwork she creates is inspired from photos taken of people, places and things, with her 35mm film Nikon camera, while living in Minneapolis, Minnesota and exploring and traveling around the world.

“One of my first jobs, at sixteen years old, was drawing real-life portraits of people at the largest mall in the United States.” – Brittany

Graduating from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, with a degree in Fine Arts, Brittany spent most of her time in college exploring three dimentional artwork. With a decade of metal casting experience, her sculptures were shown at the Missoula Art Museum in Montana and at Fort Hays State University in Hays Kansas. Both art showings were hosted by the Western Cast Iron Art Alliance (WCIAA) for the Western Cast Iron Art Conference.

Gradually Brittany started spending more time focusing on two dimensional artwork again. The entire creative process, getting to know why the artwork she creates for clients is special and striving to produce pieces that honor the story behind them is what draws her to this type of work. The same goes for the original art she creates. Being able to capture the essence of special people, places and things is what motivates her and inspires her to create artwork that has a conversation and importance for others to enjoy.

“As a friend of mine and I were walking around the mall I told her it was my dream to work at a gallery we had passed by several times. Artists were drawing peoples portraits out in the open for everyone to see, and they were talented and quick! My friend walked over to the manager and said “my friend wants to work here”. Looking back I’m super thankful my friend did this because I wouldn’t have. The manager gave me a photograph to draw and return, and when I brought the drawing back I was hired. I worked at the gallery drawing live portraits and portraits from photographs for almost six years with some of the most talented artists I know. The experience changed my life path and my relationship with art.” – Brittany

The healing nature that comes with creating art is also something Brittany is interested in and pays attention to. The portraits she creates for customers represent someone or something very special and Brittany uses this energy to create the artwork. In her original artworks she also brings the energy she is feeling into the artwork, which she finds very thereputic.

Brittany has taught painting, portrait classes and other art forms throughout her career. Her experience ranges from teaching large groups of professional artists to folks who have not picked up a paint brush since grade school. No matter the person, she believes art has a positive impact and a healing nature.

“Having drawn people from all over the world, when working at the MOA, with all different backgrounds and continuing to create custom artwork now, I cant help but notice the reaction of customers. It’s a large reason why I continue doing this type of work. Folks are genuinely happy to receive custom artwork, special to them, to bring home to hang on their wall. It’s a special process to be part of.” – Brittany

With various mediums: oil paint, chalk pastels, charcoal, ink, acrylic paint, some metal sculpture, and digital art (like the illustrations you see on this website), Brittany’s goal is to visually capture life around her as she experiences it in a way that is relatable to others and uplifts their space and spirits.

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