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Merry Christmas! Did You Get Gifts Yet?

Hello friends!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Wait.

Maybe you’re thinking this is a mistake but it’s definitely not. The mistake would be holding off to get the gift of artwork you’ve been wanting!  Whether for your mom, sister or anyone, don’t wait until it’s too late. The holidays are just a few months away and now is the best time to commission your personal piece of artwork!

If you’re thinking about getting anyone custom artwork for the December holidays, including yourself, act now and get 20% off! This 4th of July comes with savings for the holidays too. Offer goes through the month of July! Happy FOJ!


In other news…you may have noticed I have a new website for my artwork, Bails Art! I hope you come check it out. This project has been a dream and a long time coming, and I can’t wait to share it with you. While we’re on that note, a quick shout-out to Birdhouse Websites & Designs for making this website and new home for my work.

If you’re looking for a great piece of original art, or custom artwork created just for you, then check out my website, Bails Art!

  • Artwork Gallery (take a look at my work or purchase a piece of your own)
  • Create Your Own (submit a photo of your own and I’ll make you a custom piece)

Reach out if you have any questions! Thanks for taking a look 🙂

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