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Oil Painting in setting

Drawing People and Capturing Moments!

Black & White Chalk Pastel (black and white piece) and Oil Paint (color piece), December 2019

Hi friends!

Recently I had the opportunity to create two custom portraits, both about the same size using different mediums. Now, with the holidays being over I can share them!

  1. The color oil painting, with the three kiddos, was a personal request to capture all three cousins together. As a result, the cousins grandparents received a personal painting to hang in their home!
  2. Similarly, the black and white chalk pastel drawing was a special request. The idea for this piece was to capture a moment on vacation in Nashville, visiting the studio Elvis practiced in! See the X on the floor? I found out while working that the X on the floor marks where Elvis stood!

If you have an idea for your own custom artwork there are a couple of ways you can contact me:

I hope you enjoy! 🙂


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