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I Draw, He Paints! 2020 Collaboration Update!

Remembering and Painting On, Collaboration with Pa, 2020

Hi friends!

I’m excited to give an update on the collaboration of paintings my grandpa and I started. We were having such a good time making slow-cooker meals every Wednesday when Covid-19 hit so we thought of a different way to have some fun, and here we have it!


I whip up the under drawings and my grandpa paints. Many of the drawings I do are based off of old black and white photos so he adds a lot of details from his own memory. The paintings are of the house he grew up in, the family barn he built, the house my grandma lived and grew up in, in Peever, SD, the house he lives in now and the house my mom grew up in, in South Minneapolis and a couple of local spots.

We are still working on new paintings as I type this, but we completed these in 2020. The series is inspired by the book my grandpa wrote about his life, Remembering and Rambling On. I hope you enjoy! 🙂


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